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        Good morning Everyone,                                                                            26 March 2020

        I know that there was a recent email that was sent out a few days ago that discussed the question of whether or
        not field operations would remain open during our current Covid 19 situation. At the time the decision to keep 
        the field with open (with social distancing/ personal hygiene practices) was based on available information and 
        guidance from the AMA as well as input of speaking with several other clubs in the area. 
        Since that time however new information as well as more stringent guidelines have been put in place throughout 
        the State in attempt to try to further reduce the exponential growth rate of Covid 19 infections spreading 
        throughout our community.  In light of this most recent information that the club officers have been presented 
        with it has become clear that we needed to make the difficult decision to temporarily shut down field 
        operations at this time. From today March 26th through May 1st all field operations will be suspended until 
        further notice. On May 1st  club officers will have a conference call to examine latest information available 
        and make the determination of weather or not the field can reopen or if the closure needs to be extended for 
        another month.  
        I know that this decision may be very disappointing to many (including myself) but given the realities of the 
        potentially extreme circumstances we are dealing with (that seems to be changing on a daily basis now) the 
        clubs officers felt that it was a necessary as well as prudent course of action to take in order to minimize 
        the risks to our members as well as making sure that our organization is following the local guidelines 
        requested by our communities.
        I hope that everyone understands that we are doing the best we can given the extraordinary circumstances that 
        we are all facing.  Again if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to any of the the cubs officers.
        Thank again for your understanding and patience during this challenging time.
        David Mosher
        P.C.C President

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