PCC History

More than 40 years old, the Peninsula Channel Commanders includes approximately 110 members of all ages, occupations, and skill levels. We welcome anyone with a passion for model planes.

Though its membership is concentrated in San Francisco and nearby South Bay communities, the group has traditionally flown at sites in Half Moon Bay. An early field was at the Alves Dairy pasture. You can read Alonzo Richardson's recollections of the early days here.

In 1999, the group moved to a field on the west side of Highway 1 owned by the Deany family. This beautiful location was a bit close to the ocean: many a plane splashed into the Pacific.

A change in land ownership in fall 2008 left the group without a field for a few months, then we found a field a bit closer to Half Moon Bay, owned by John Giusti. We began flying there Feb. 1, 2009, after Eddie Andreini graded the area and volunteers set up the necessary gear.

We fly trainers, sport, pattern, combat, scale, gliders, electric, and helicopters. You name it, we fly it!

Our crafts range from 6-ounce micro-ships with tiny brushless motors to 50-pound 1/3-scale aerobatic monsters with multi-cylinder 4-stroke gasoline engines.

We compete in IMAC, Pattern, Giant Scale Racing, Q500, scale and more.

Jake and Ray hold their Warbirds