Alonzo Richardson

Alonzo Richardson

Richardson Field is named in honor of Alonzo Richardson, a colorful PCC member who has been a keystone in the group since its earliest days.

During World War II, Alonzo spent three years in Europe as Squadron Engineering Officer with the 451st Bomb Squadron. The field is dedicated to the 111 brave men lost from the squadron during the war.

Directions to Richardson Field

The new PCC airfield is approximately 3.7 miles south of Highway 92 on the east side of Highway 1.

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Richardson Field, identified by the blue marker, is on the east side of Highway 1 between Dehoff Canyon Road and Verde Road, 3.7 miles south of Highway 92.

No-Fly Zone

This aerial photo indicates where we can fly: east of the east edge of the runway. The runway and airspace south of the runway are limited flight zones. (Click for bigger image.)

Richardson Field No-Flight Zone
Flying Requirements

In addition to current AMA membership, pilots are required to sign the PCC Flying Rules. Print this PDF file, sign it and bring it to the field.

Google Earth Location

Here's a placemark for Richardson Field on Google Earth.

Latitude & Longitude

If you've got a GPS, set it to Latitude: 37°24'55.77"N, Longitude: 122°25'22.12"W (these are approximate, but close).